I'm Jen, and my face is stuck like this. Perma-sass. The things I love in this life are so simple: dogs, Arabian horses, glitter and old, worn out band shirts from concerts you need to wear boots to. The Simpsons. Everything Tim Burton ever breathed on (it's not the hair, but it's not NOT the hair, okay). And showing women their inner rockstars.

I live to bust up the myth of the unphotogenic woman. It's a BIG one, isn't it? So many of us hide from any camera we see and shed actual tears when our ninja fails and someone catches us off-guard in an unflattering way. But you're not unphotogenic- you can't be, think of all you bring to the table. Your little and loud aspirations, the stories of your life- the love of your family. Your can-never-be-undermined spunk. You've always been beautiful- you've just lost sight of it. I'll show you.

How do you dream of being photographed?