How it works:

Call me. Send a message on FB or through this website. E-mail directly. Send a carrier pigeon- however you choose to get in touch, make your move! You don't need to have your wardrobe planned out in advance or even be sure of exactly what sort of shoot you'd like. We'll sort it all out together; every shoot I do is completely customized to you, with all of your awesome quirks.

The first thing we'll do is schedule an in-person consultation so that we can talk about your dreams for your shoot and get to know each other (and so that I can trip over something and embarrass myself early in our relationship- I like to get it out of the way fast).

Your consultation:

Pre-session in-person consultations are the perfect way to begin to plan your shoot. We'll talk about possible locations, the style of the shoot and how it meshes with your personal style, and even your wardrobe options (including how to make flattering choices for the camera and your body type). We'll talk about the people you love and who you might like to be photographed with. We'll also discuss our end-game: product! I am a full-service photographer in that I will be with you every step of the way- including when it comes time to choose the perfect medium on which to display your beautiful portraits.

At the consultation, we'll nail down a few details for sure: session date and time and the people who will be involved. We'll do paperwork and you'll pay your session fee, then pow! Booked! You'll take home a copy of my product price list and a whole lot of excitement for your shoot.

What you get:

Included in your portrait booking are both a pre-session consult for planning purposes and a personalized in-person reveal and ordering session (I promise I will never leave you to figure out an online gallery alone- we're in this together) as well as your shoot. Hair and makeup is complimentary, so you won't have to decide whether to treat yo'self, because the rockstar experience is built in! As a perk for booking, all of my awkward jokes are also complimentary. Yep: fo' free.

Shoot please!

The day of the shoot, we'll meet at our chosen location and get down to the really fun stuff! You'll bring your wardrobe and jewelry for the day and I'll hook you up with a hair and makeup artist if we're doing H&MU on location. This varies- some days H&MU will be in-studio, or on location, and sometimes we'll start at the salon. Shoots run from 1.5-2 hours, including breaks for wardrobe changes. Don't forget to schedule a night out to follow- you're going to look amazing

The big reveal:

When your shoot reaches its end (boooo!) we'll schedule your in-person reveal and ordering session. Reveals are generally available 1-2 weeks after your shoot date, and they're a blast! We'll have discussed the product you'd most love at your pre-session consult, and the reveal is your chance to bring it all home. I've done all the research and planning to make sure that your printed images last a lifetime so that all you have to worry about is choosing your favorites- together with my favorite professional labs, I'll take care of the rest! All that's left to do is take delivery of your images (3-4 weeks after payment) and then enjoy them for years to come.